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Yet another reason to focus more on the team and less on individuals

Having a team full of superstars doesn’t lead to high performance, according to research by Roderick Swaab, a professor at Insead business school, and his colleagues[1]. His researches indicate that when two-thirds of the team are star performers, they co-operate …

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Measuring the impact of team coaching

The pressure to measure the effectiveness of any form of coaching intervention can be intense. Coaches and sponsors both feel driven to demonstrate a high return on investment (RoI). Unfortunately, most of the attempts to measure RoI are not methodologically …

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The competencies of an effective team coach

Team coaching requires a portfolio of skills beyond those in one-to-one coaching. Most of these relate to the difference in context between individual conversations and group dynamics. For example: Managing varying paces of learning. In team coaching, it is common …

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