David is one of the world’s leading speakers on HR topics and particularly on coaching, mentoring, and leader development. He brings a wealth of research and practical experience to all of these topics. He is iconoclastic, irreverent and humorous in questioning the evidence for standard HR practices and assumptions, asking challenging questions that stimulate insight and change.

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Key: A = 2 days, B = 1 day, C = 0.5 days D = also available as a keynote speech

Advanced techniques in coaching and mentoring

Aimed at: Coaches and mentors from recently qualified to highly experienced
Duration: A, B, C
The masterclass has two main objectives:

  • Helping coaches / mentors gain greater insight into their past and future learning journey as a one-to-one developer
  • Equipping them with a portfolio of new techniques and approaches, based on specific issues they have encountered in their practice

David’s research into how coaches and mentors mature in their practice provides a valuable starting point for helping them create a personal coach/mentor development plan.

How to make effective use of supervision

Aimed at: Coaches and mentors at any level of experience
Duration: B, C, D

This very practical workshop looks at the nature of supervision in coaching and mentoring from the perspective of the effective supervisee. It includes topics such as: deciding what to take to supervision and how; recognising and responding to ‘moments of disconnect’; using the seven conversations of coaching and mentoring to pinpoint where problems with a client originate; the coach’s learning journey (in the context of coach maturity); comparison of different types of supervision; and when to change supervisors.

Team coaching masterclass

Aimed at: Experienced one-to-one coaches, who wish to extend their repertoire into working with teams
Duration: A, B, D

Based on the book Coaching the Team at Work, this workshop looks at the differences between coaching individuals and coaching teams. David explores the additional competencies coaches require to be effective in this very demanding role and the practicalities of managing the four-way relationship between the team, its manager, the organisation. He also presents a range of techniques and approaches team coaches can apply.

Talking with talent – A workshop for HR

Aimed at: HR professionals
Duration: B

This one-day intensive workshop aims to help HR review how it communicates with talented employees, both individually and collectively, with the intention to:
– Alignment employee and organizational ambitions and potential within a coherent and flexible strategic plan for talent
– Increase the quality and effectiveness of talent engagement and retention

The relationship between HR and the talent within an organization is a complex, adaptive system – constantly changing as new potentialities arise in markets and technology, in organizational strategy and structure and the skills and experience of employees. Agile organizations find that roles evolve in scope and importance, along with the qualities required of the employees, who fill them or might fill them.

In this constantly shifting environment, traditional talent management and succession planning methods have limited effectiveness and may even reduce agility. They need to be supplemented and in some cases replaced by continuous, honest conversations, in which talented employees and HR (along with organizational leaders) are able to build compatible futures together.

Workshop format and content
The workshop is designed to provide a pragmatic mixture of evidence-based concept, reflection and practical tools. The key topics of the workshop are:

– Understanding the systemic nature of the relationship between talent and organizations – moving from control to enabling
– Creating the climate for honest conversations about careers and business development
– Finding new opportunities to create business advantage from hidden talents and aspirations
– Engaging employees in shaping talent management and succession planning
– Choosing your language – the importance of metaphor in the engagement conversation
– Encouraging and supporting the on-line social networks that underpin organizational and individual learning
– Learning how to listen to talent
– Recognising and supporting ‘talent factories’
– How HR can get better at listening to talent
– Supporting the conversations between emerging talent and existing leadership

At the end of the workshop, you will
– Have a clear understanding of the mechanisms available to you in working with talent
– Have an action plan for engaging with your talent

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