Coach Mentoring Ltd has been delivering bespoke learning solutions both in the UK and internationally for many years now. Our programmes, including Coaching, Mentoring, Talent Management and Leadership Development Programmes are tailored to each organisation’s specific needs. We have worked with many of our clients for a number of years, and can offer consultancy either virtually or on site as an outsourced service.

Our USP is our people and our intellectual capital. We only use consultants with a high level of expertise and who are in the forefront of knowledge in the areas in which we consult. We share the same values, providing a seamless service to the client and our practice is backed up by academic learning and research.

Bluesky International delivers a range of coaching / mentoring services. These include Leadership Coaching and UK and Internationally Accredited (EMCC and ILM) coach / mentoring training skills programmes for managers, leaders, internal coaches and independent practitioners. We also deliver Accredited (EMCC) Coach Supervision training to develop Internal Coaches as in-house providers of Coach Supervision.

People who deliver our services are qualified professional coaches / mentors who work internationally. We have an excellent success rate for delegates graduating from our programmes. We believe this is achieved through meeting individual learning needs and flexibility in delivery. Examples of feedback about how our programmes add value are the learning gained from exploring case study scenarios from practising coaches / mentors and the measurable change in delegates’ confidence to work as coaches / mentors and coach supervisors.

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