As the world struggles with recession and uncertainty, mentoring has a major role to play in helping people focus on personal and business priorities and to maintain confidence in their ability to face the future. The start of a new year is a good time for program managers to step back and reflect; and perhaps to make some resolutions. Here, for good measure, are some suggested reflections to set the process going:

No. 1: Reflect on your role

  • What do you bring (uniquely) to your role as program manager? Are you leveraging your strengths as well as you might?
  • How are you developing in the role? Could you gain an accreditation, or widen your subject reading around mentoring, for example?
  • How much of a role model for mentoring are you?
  • How could you improve communication with program stakeholders?
  • Are you sufficiently linked into social networks of people involved in mentoring program management?

No. 2: Reflect on your program

  • What were the common problems mentors and mentees in your program encountered in 2011, in the context of making their relationships work? What more could you do to resolve those problems?
  • What are you going to do to make sure your program continues? What or who comes after you?
  • How can you give participants more support, perhaps at less cost?
  • How do you know good your program is? Who can you benchmark it against? Is it time to seek accreditation under the International Standards for Mentoring Programmes in Employment?

No. 3: Give a pat on the back

  • What would you like to congratulate program participants, sponsors and supporters for?
  • What do you want to congratulate yourself for?

All in all, mentoring program managers have potential to be great agents of change in 2012. All it takes is the vision and confidence to enthuse and support others in making mentoring work!

Have a fulfilling New Year!


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