• Mentoring programme design and management
  • Coaching culture
  • Systemic talent management
  • Coach pool development and assessment

Mentoring programme design and management

DCP is the world’s leading provider of mentoring programme consultancy. We have supported hundreds of companies internationally in creating and implementing effective mentoring programmes for a wide variety of purposes: including leader development, career transitions, returning to work after maternity or paternity leave, graduate induction, culture change and diversity management. We have pioneered ethical mentoring and led the development of the International Standards for Mentoring Programmes in Employment.

We are uniquely able to support multi-country mentoring programmes with consistent high quality of consultancy and training, adapted to local culture and language in more than 40 countries.

We help you plan how to make your mentoring programme work, support you through all the processes of selection, matching, training and evaluation, and offer an extensive portfolio of materials for every aspect and stage of the mentoring programme. Our comprehensive programme support is far more extensive than any other provider globally.

We also offer the option of transferring to your in-house team the knowhow to run mentoring programmes and to train participants, under licence. This is a highly cost-effective solution for larger programmes, in particular.

Coaching culture and strategy

Our pioneering research into coaching culture in the early 2000’s has been built on extensively to provide a knowledge base of good practice, including proven measurement tools. We work with you to assess where you are on the journey towards a coaching culture and to develop a pragmatic strategy for progressing further. We help you establish the priorities from a wide spectrum of coaching and mentoring interventions, and to avoid the most common pitfalls, such as relying too much on externally-resourced coaches or expecting that simply training line managers as coaches will be cost effective (it isn’t). Then we work alongside you to implement the various strands of a coaching strategy, integrating coaching with other business initiatives and processes, such as performance management and mentoring. In each case, we are able to support you with resources that ensure impact and a high return on investment.

Systemic talent management
Our researches show that much HR practice in the area of talent management and succession planning makes problems worse. The problem lies in applying simple, linear systems thinking to complex, adaptive situations. In a typical consultancy intervention, we help you:

  • Establish the underlying challenges for your organisation in terms of talent identification, development and retention
  • Develop a dynamic, flexible strategy that emphasises enabling talent to thrive and emerge rather than to select and control
  • Design and implement education programmes to equip employees to take greater responsibility and accountability for their own career management and personal development
  • Design and implement programmes to assist line managers in creating dynamic learning cultures within their teams

Coach pool development and assessment
The evidence from the coach assessment centres we have facilitated for many organisations in both the private and public sector indicates strongly that coaches, who market themselves well, aren’t necessarily at the level of competence you would expect. Fully 70% of coaches assessed do not demonstrate the basic competences when subjected to an intensive expert interview and observed real coaching session.

Using a highly validated assessment centre approach (six of the main coaching professional bodies have participated and approved it), we help you build external or internal coach pools that you can have confidence in. We can either manage the process for you, work alongside you, or train your in-house team to carry out the assessments on their own. As a “light” version suitable for one off assessments of individual coaches, we train you to interview coaches and to observe as they attempt to coach you.

The assessment centre approach can also be adapted to support the continuous professional development of internal coaches. We work with you to assess internal coaches and give extensive feedback, which goes into a Coach Development Plan. The coaches then participate for 12 months in an action learning set and are given other support in achieving their developmental goals. At the end of the period, they undergo a further assessment.

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