• Introduced supported mentoring to Europe in early 1980s
  • Co-founded European Mentoring & Coaching Council(now Special Ambassador for the EMCC)
  • Visiting professor, Henley Business School (Reading University) Sheffield Hallam, Oxford Brookes and York St John Universities
  • Leads a global network of mentoring experts and trainers, Coaching and Mentoring International
  • Author of 70 books on coaching, mentoring, leadership and other management themes
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Travel correspondent
  • Reputation for asking “massively difficult questions” that oblige people and organisations to think
  • Takes on a major learning challenge every year
  • Works with learning and socially disabled children and adults to promote social inclusion
  • Author of children’s stories
  • Chairs the research committee of the London School of Comedy, exploring social and well-being impacts of laughter (and has trained as a stand-up comedian)
  • Loves being a granddad!

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